We are an education consultancy firm specialising in private education in the UK, catering to high net worth families from across Europe and the CIS. We are specialists in placing children in the independent school system and into leading universities in Great Britain. 


We take a personalised approach to tuition and see in every child an individual of unique talents who should therefore be supported and developed in a unique manner. Our tailored approach to education aims to produce remarkable academic results, spark a life-long love of learning and positively contribute to the broader society.


OTP SERVICES LIMITED is a boutique educational advisory firm for families wishing to give the best of the British education system and heritage. We focus on residential placements of Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group university graduates into tutor and governess positions in high net worth families across Europe. We place children into independent schools, providing our clients the necessary guidance, personal tuition, support and mentoring programs throughout their academic journey. Taking a holistic approach, we provide support to both sides in the post-contract stage and are involved in the subsequent steps of schooling, such as liaising with the schools and parents, provision of testing and tracking academic progress.

Our distinct corporate culture is one of the things that sets us apart from other firms. At OTP SERVICES LIMITED our goal is to increase learning efficiency and maximise individual potential, reinforcing and instilling in our students the need to help contribute positively to the broader community. We focus on cultivating and sustaining a love of learning, taking a long-term approach with all of our clients. We believe in honesty, utmost competence, integrity and operate under a strict policy of confidentiality.

Our Core Team


Ilya Bukin

Company Director and Founder

The inspiration for OTP SERVICES LIMITED came to me after witnessing the astounding results a highly-educated governor brought to me and my siblings. My parents sought to give us the greatest possible exposure to high quality English language growing up. Having gone on to complete my studies within the English private school system, I can say that my parent’s efforts were one of the greatest gifts they could have given me in terms of opening doors and quality of education.

 However, it was the recollection of the struggle my parents had finding quality tutors through existing companies which made me realise that the selection process  was inefficient and low-standards were being used. This began my journey  to maximise the ease with which parents could find intellectual tutors who matched their children’s needs: from the educational to the emotional and thus reap the full benefits British schools offer.


Olga Malinovskaya

Partner, Communications

Having worked in the British legal sector for many years and then in a private tuition firm I was well placed to assist Ilya in turning his vision into a reality. I deal with the practicalities of the tutor-client relationship, managing expectations on both side. This means solving the day-to-day problems that are guaranteed in any close relationship. My goal is always to find solutions which are mutually agreeable to client family and governor. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries.


Oscar Mumford

Assistant, Head of Liaisons

Having worked as a governor for a couple of years gave me an excellent perspective on what makes a successful family-tutor relationship. I manage school applications, liaisons and governor selection. 

Our goal has been to get the highest quality people possible into the homes of willing families. Many governor services have been opened in recent years but none make guarantees for the background of the governor. It is well to remember that many people can teach a language but not many can convey a culture at its best. The impeccable academic and extra curricular backgrounds of our governors attest to their abilities to fit into any family as not only an educator but also a role model and companion.