Open Positions

Full-time English Tutor


The role of a governor is to provide an immersive learning environment whereby children learn organically through day-to-day interaction, play, as well as formal lessons.

Person Specification

Governors are expected to have an excellent academic record. Experience of teaching is preferred but not mandatory since we believe exemplary students embody a wealth of knowledge and should be able to creatively convey that to their charges.

Key Requirements

  • Willingness to live and work abroad for at least one year

  • Enthusiastic personality which will allow you to form productive relationships with children of various ages

  • Teaching qualifications or some experience caring for or mentoring children are a plus

  • Ability to creatively identify teachable moments. Musical or artistic talents are a bonus

A Few of the Perks

  • Accommodation is contractually guaranteed

  • Opportunities to travel with family on holiday

  • 28 days paid annual leave

  • Negotiable days off during week

  • Flights and work visas paid for by the family

Personal Tutors


Personal tutors must meet all the same standards as our governors in terms of quality of education and personal character. 

Teaching experience or qualification is mandatory.


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