Residential placements of tutors and governesses

It is our firm belief that long before making the difficult decision to send one's children abroad to study, it is mandatory to provide them with high quality exposure to the English language and the culture it embodies. An abrupt change of environment is, in many cases, emotionally traumatic, often to the detriment of a child's academic success. Thats why the families we work with often begin  familiarising their children with Britain years in advance, taking a natural approach which brings British culture straight into their home. Years of experience have shown that children with such familiarity are much better placed to navigate the novel social landscape awaiting them and benefit from the world-class teaching and character-building that Britain’s long established institutions offer.

Our governors are a wellspring of the finest that British culture and education can provide. All have excellent educational backgrounds having completed Oxford, Cambridge or Russell group accredited degrees alongside exceptional extracurricular accomplishments.  By giving your children the opportunity to interact with one of our governors you will not only bring their language level to near native (and for some clients, fully native) levels but turn a would-be culture shock into an entry into a familiar setting.

Placements run typically on year-long contracts with governors spending an average of 50 hours per week with the children. When selecting governors, we aim to match them to the tutee, ensuring a relationship which is stronger than merely pedagogical. Governors are educators, mentors, friends and role-models. They rely on both formal lessons and day-to-day interaction to prepare your children intellectually and socially for the many challenges that await them abroad.

There are many ways to learn a language but only a highly intellectual governor can give the confidence and social fluency with a language, which is otherwise only attainable by moving abroad. We vet all our governors so that we can find someone who will fit into your family life seamlessly. Please enquire for an initial consultation so that we can assess how best we can fulfil your needs


The majority of British schools require students coming from abroad to have a registered local guardian. All of our guardians have had personal experience with the British schooling system either having put their own children through it or worked within it. This places them perfectly to perform all the administrative needs of your child and deal with any issues that may arise whilst in the country. They also provide mentoring and guidance to their charges making sure students settle in and are supported locally. They ensure parents are always up-to-date with any information regarding academic progress and school behaviour. They can assist in organising personal tuition to supplement the school syllabus. They can also help organise extra-curricular activities and weekend trips to ensure learning and development doesn't end with the school bell.

Personal tuition

Our personal tutors have either previously worked as our governors or meet the very same standards as them and have a knowledge base covering the full range of core school subjects. Following a consultation, we can tailor a supplementary program to push your child beyond the confines of their syllabus or to fill in any knowledge-gaps.

Please write or call directly so that we can assess how to fulfil your educational needs.